Yo Ho Mateys! The boys and I hosted a fun Jake and the Neverland Party last week.  We invited their pirate crew over for a fun day filled with pirate grub and #DisneyKids themed activities.  Thanks to Mom Select and Disney for sending me all the essentials for our buccaneer bash, we had everything we needed for a fun Disney celebration.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Ideas
We kept things simple with a few pirate themed finger foods and delicious treats.  Our friends have hosted a few Jake parties in the past and we just loved the silly squid hot dogs and fish and chips.  In fact it’s the only way we serve up our hot dogs for our 2 year old now.  Cutting a cold hot dog is so much easier and he loves dipping the squiggly squid ketchup and chomping down.  The fish and chips were a hit too.  A fun little play on words and two of the kids favorite crispy side dishes. [Continue Reading…]

Hot Chocolate Dessert Bar
There isn’t a hot beverage I love more than hot cocoa.   My husband considers himself a coffee and beer enthusiast and over the years I think I’ve come to give myself that title for hot chocolate.  Last night we kicked the season off right with my parents and grandma with a delicious hot chocolate bar.  There were plenty of treats, toppings, and chocolate choices to meet everyones needs.   [Continue Reading…]

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign I’m doing as an Origami Owl®  ambassador.  All thoughts and creativity are my own.  

Origami Owl: Living Locket #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #sponsored
Now that we’ve seen all the fun that comes in The Holly Jolly Box of Happy it’s time to play and start creating.  The foundation of Origami Owl®  is the Living Locket™.  Every locket is custom designed to tell your story and represent the things you love.  In just a few steps you have a beautiful custom creation that can be altered with the seasons and even your mood.  

Origami Owl: Living Locket #O2Journey #OrigamiOwl #sponsored

  1. Begin with selecting the charms that hold meaning for you.  My family is my life and the focus of my Living Locket.  A ring for my marriage, mom for my favorite job in the world, my sons’ birthstones, and a camera for my passion.   
  2. Select your favorite locket and chain.  For a daytime AND nighttime look I love the silver Twist Locket with Swarovski crystals.  The large silver chain is perfect for holding up to my grabby 2 year old.
  3. Add to your story and reflect your personal style with a hand-stamped metal plate or dangle.  Plates come in all styles, but I loved this little rose gold love heart.  It’s small and adds a little extra meaning to my locket.  Dangles are an easy way to switch up your style or add another level of personalization.
  4. Close up your locket and carry your story with you everywhere.  

Living Lockets make the perfect gift too.  With the holidays around the corner who on your list would love a Living Locket with a personal story built by you?  Charms make great stocking stuffers for anyone to add to their locket.    


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