Disclosure: This spring conversation has been sponsored by Modern Mom and their client, Starbucks.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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Last year we had so much fun checking off our Spring bucket list.  We’ve gotten a good start on this year’s and excited to try a few new activities.  Now is the time in AZ to soak up the beautiful weather.  Days in the shade are still bearable and nights cool off.  Soon it will be too hot to do things outside in the middle of the day.  

We’ve been enjoying the weather and enjoying lots of activities like blowing bubbles and running through sprinklers.  The Easter Bunny was quite generous this year bringing lots of water play toys.  Both boys are little seals, they LOVE the water.  

#dentongarden, Starbucks Spring Blend, spring, bucket list, spring bucket list

The #DentonGarden is blossoming with strawberries, peppers, and squash.  The kids love rushing outside and stealing the last few strawberries of the season.  Grandma discovered it wasn’t just the birds stealing her fruit.  I love how involved the kids are with gardening.  It’s a whole family affair and something we can do year round.  

#dentongarden, Starbucks Spring Blend, spring, bucket list, spring bucket list

This year we are trying something new.  We’d love to eventually do some real composting, but for now our garden is getting a healthy dose of coffee, fruit rinds, and egg shells.  It’s a fun science experiment too as the discarded food slowly disintegrates into the surrounding soil, enriching and helping our plants to grow.  As loyal Starbucks fans, my husband was a longtime Barista, this season our garden is getting a boost from the new Spring Blend.  Fresh coffee grounds are the perfect mulch.  They are high in nitrogen, a natural slug deterrent, and help to suppress fungal diseases.  So before you dump your morning grounds in the garbage think about sprinkling them in your garden.  Fun fact: most Starbucks save all their discarded grounds.  If you are feeding a large garden pop into your local Starbucks to see if they have any grounds for you.  Visit early in the morning as in some areas it’s a hot commodity.      

#dentongarden, Starbucks Spring Blend, spring, bucket list, spring bucket list

Up next is taking Aiden fishing again.  Perhaps escaping the impending heat to a higher elevation.  What plans does your family have this Spring?    

#dentongarden, Starbucks Spring Blend, spring, bucket list, spring bucket list

Disclosure:  The awesome people at Bubble Bum provided me with a sample for this review, and one to giveaway to my readers.  As always all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Bubble Bum, booster seat, @BubbleBum

We don’t do a whole lot of air travel, but the one time we did carting around a bulky carseat was no fun.  I can’t even imagine doing it with 2.  Big brother is booster size now (hold me).  There are times when my parents pick him up from school or dad takes him on an excursion.  I don’t know anyone that enjoys transferring carseats or boosters; that’s why I’m loving the Bubble Bum booster seat.  It’s the perfect travel booster solution.

Bubble Bum, booster seat, @BubbleBum, #ad
When I was first offered to review the product I admit I was skeptical.  I immediately did my research, not only has the Bubble Bum won many awards for travel and design, but it meets all US safety standards.  I was even more impressed when it arrived.

Bubble Bum, booster seat, @BubbleBum, #ad

As the description suggests it’s the first-ever inflatable booster seat.  It’s very soft and comfortable compared to the standard plastic backless booster seats.  It’s less than 1 pound and rolls up into a convenient storage sack.  The inflation system is simple to use with a quick inflate/deflate valve.  In less than 30 seconds it’s ready to use.  
The belt path can be a bit tricky.  With that said kids on the younger end of the recommended age (4-11)  might require help buckling up.  In place of arm rests you see on most backless boosters there are 3 belt positioning clips.  The 2 lap belt clips position it on the lap and off the abdomen.  The shoulder clip can be used with shorter children to position it comfortably and safely on the shoulder and not cutting into their necks.  

Bubble Bum, booster seat, @BubbleBum, #ad Details:

  • age: 4 -11 years
  • weight: 40 – 100 lbs
  • height: up to 57″
  • folds flat
  • 2 safety belt positioning clips
  • shoulder belt positioning clip for added comfort
  • suitable for all 3-point seat belts
Available in 4 fun colors: purple, gray, and new Neon pink and yellow.


New Balance, Good Form Running, Run Disney, #DisneySMMoms

I am NOT a runner.  In fact I was always told not to run because of a lovely degenerative cartilage disorder in my knees.  With that said I do enjoy jogging.  I’ve always loved hikes and quiet walks and now that I have two kiddos at home I love popping both of them in the jogging stroller and having a little me time.  This past weekend I completed my second fun run with Disney.  If you haven’t done a Run Disney event it is definitely something that should make your Disney bucket list.  There is just something so magical and motivating running through the parks while cast members and characters cheer you on.  

New Balance, Good Form Running, Run Disney, #DisneySMMoms

Before our early morning run (6:15 run time) we had a very informative session with the great people at New Balance.  We learned all about their partners in healthy running, Good Form Running.  It’s all about making running less-painful and more enjoyable.  This is something that rang true to me.   Through these 4 steps to Good Form Running you should reduce the strain on your body while running and lessen the chance of an injury.


photo credit: @hyku

Here’s a little bit about Good Form Running.  You can find out more on the New Balance site or Download the Free App.

Step 1: Posture

The foundation to good run form is posture.  A properly aligned upper body conserves energy for the real power house in the legs.  To find your perfect run posture stand with knees slightly bent, raise your hands above your head elongating your body, bring your arms down to your side while keeping everything else in place. 

Step 2: Midfoot

Landing on the mid foot is key to preventing injury and reducing strain on your knee.  This step works hand in hand with the others to produce forward momentum of the body.  To find your mid foot stride march in place taking care for each step to land below you.  Resist reaching forward with your foot, this causes you to land on the heel and act as a brake.

Step 3: Cadence

Cadence is often the biggest step for most people.  The ideal cadence is 180 steps per minute.  A higher cadence works with the other elements to conserve energy and prevent you from over striding, slowing you down.  Finding a tempo encourages a lighter run helping to prevent injury.

Step 4: Lean

We know that reaching with the feet acts as a brake and uses more energy.  Instead leaning forward allows the body to propel forward.  Use gravity at your advantage to reduce muscle strain.

Now that you have the basics for Good Form Running you’ll need some awesome shoes to provide you with good support and a great accessory for your Disney Run.  Checkout the new line of Run Disney shoes from New Balance.  I got to see them in person and they are absolutely adorable.  The Cinderella shoes even have cute little satin laces and the Minnie ones have a bow accent.

New Balance, Good Form Running, Run Disney, #DisneySMMoms


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