White Chicken Chili
Several years ago we found the most delicious white chicken chili.  The only issue; the seasoning came prepackaged with 400 mg of sodium.  With a portion of the household now on a low-sodium diet.  it was time to find an alternative.  This recipe comes pretty close to our favorite. [Continue Reading...]

Potatoes are one of my favorite dishes.  I know they are technically a starch, but I constantly count them as one of my veggies.  Baked, grilled, or fried I love potatoes!  Despite french fries I haven’t gotten my kids on the potato band wagon yet.  Though, one of these 21 insanely delicious potato dishes are sure to be a hit with my boys.  

21 Potato Side Dishes- #recipe
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WHITE WATER Rafting giveaway
Is your family ready for a summer adventure?  One of our family’s favorite getaways is Colorado, well known for the Colorado river and some of the best rafting around.  The Adventure Company has been crafting adventures since 1987.  

How about white water rafting; it’s not too late to get a trip in this summer.  With above average snowpack and cooler spring temps the river flows have been very sustainable this season. [Continue Reading...]

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