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How many times have you unloaded dirty dishes or stacked a clean dishwasher? With multiple generations and a lot of ships passing in the night it’s hard to keep track of the dishwasher in our home.  If only there was a way to communicate; saving on dishwasher detergent, water, time, and electricity.

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There is something about pretzels that I absolutely love.  Crunchy or soft, meal or appetizer you can’t go wrong.  I absolutely love pretzel twists dipped in peanut butter or Nutella.  Soft pretzels are in a completely different we regularly enjoy a delicious hamburger on a pretzel bun or a giant cheese stuffed pretzel.

30+ savory, sweet, bread, and stuffed pretzel recipes.
I’ve rounded up 30+ delicious stuffed, sweet, savory, and bread pretzel recipes you can make at home.  Some even have a delicious dipping sauce to compliment the salty and chewy goodness.   [Continue Reading...]

Mickey Decoupage Cardboard Letter
A couple years ago I created a comic book decoupage letter for Aiden.  It was perfect birthday decor that did double duty; it’s now hanging on his wall.  Emerson’s “E”, a good friend made for his baby sprinkle, was in need of a little update when he moved into brother’s room.  We stripped the “E” of the adorable rosettes and gave it a fun Mickey makeover. [Continue Reading...]

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