Has the Elf visited your home yet?  C.P. (Christopher Pop-in-kins) has been hanging around the Denton home for 3 years now.  The first year he didn’t move a lot, but over the years we have gotten more creative, especially for those times we forget to move him.  My favorite is creating a storyline.  Just a small move or the addition of a prop can up the oops factor to a wow.

elfonashelf create a storyline


Christopher had a goal in mind and it took 5 days to reveal.  He slow scale his way across the kitchen.  On the last day he found himself stuck in the treat jar.  The buy in was even more for my then 3 year old son.  He couldn’t wait to see where Christopher would end up next in the kitchen.

Here are just a few of my favorite #ElfontheShelf ideas from last year.  You can catchup with all of his antics from 2012 here.  Or keep up with C.P. on Instagram.

naughty #elfontheshelf

Elfs like to have fun on the job too.
#elfontheshelf spa day

C.P. needed a little spa break.  We had a tough week with Aiden and he vanished for a couple days.  He returned refreshed from a nice bubble bath.

ice fishing #elfontheshelf

With the help of some goldfish and the freezer.  Our little Elf had himself an ice fishing trip. under the weather #elfontheshelf

The whole house had been sick and it seems Elves aren’t immune to colds.   naughty #elfontheshelf

This got the most laughs from the entire household.  Switched all our stockings out for underwear.  Even the baby got tricked. storytime #elfontheshelf

Nothing like a good fairytale to keep yourself busy. #elfontheshelf artist

C.P. is quite the little artist.  I took a small canvas and wrapped with plain paper.  The little easel came with it and made the perfect artist setup.

Stay tuned until Christmas to see what are elf has been up to the rest of this season.  I’m linking up with my friends each week for a fun Where’s That Elf?   Follow along the link up to find even more great Elf on a Shelf ideas.   where's that elf?

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