50 Valentines Ideas: A Roundup of Sweet Cards

50 Valentines Ideas via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com A very special day is coming up, my birthday Valentines Day.  I’m a little late on the whole Valentines making (no kiddo in school), so I hit Pinterest for some inspiration.  The preschooler and I want to hand out Valentines to the grandparents and aunts and uncles.  I was more than overwhelmed with the creativity and amount of ideas out there.  The only way my brain could take it all in was to compartmentalize the 50 Valentines ideas.  So here is my not so short (I found about 50 more I liked) compilation of Valentines nicely organized into themes.

Valentines Ideas with toys via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com Blowing Valentine Kisses, Mad About You, Heart Bounce, Crazy Kid, Heart Glow, Squishy Play-Doh

School Supply Valentines Ideas via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Eraser Mistake, Arrow, You Rule, Color My WORLD, Crayon Out Loud, Sketch Book

Handmade Valentines Ideas via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Send a Hug, Tip of My Toes, Be Mine, Hold My Heart, I Luv You, Double Handprints

Candy Valentines Ideas via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Tearing up My Heart, You Rock, I Dig You, Bannas for You

Valentines Ideas for Tween/Teens via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Be Mine, Rock My Socks Off, You’re Tops, Knot be the Same, Cute as a Button Edible Valentines Ideas via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Main Squeeze, O’fish’ally, Cereal, Corny for You, Cookie CD, U Melt My Heart, S’more Friends, Trail to My Heart

Lollipop Valentines Ideas via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Shot by Cupid, Bee Mine, Flowers, Comic Book, Butterfly, Huge Lollipop Valentines Ideas for Boys via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Love Bug, Super Valentines Day, Force with You, Wheel-y Glad, Eye on You, Mustache You, Never LEGO Big Kids Valentines Ideas via @eclecticmommy - eclecticmomsense.com

Fortune Cookies, Paint Chip Book


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