{Family Friday} Hanging with the Elf On The Shelf

Last year a little guy in a red tunic and a green cap joined our holiday season.  The goal was to fill our home with traditions.  Our own little guy was only 2 at the time and hadn’t quite captured the concept of searching.  The task of hiding our elf was put on the back burner and we quickly made the decision to wait another year.

Here we are a year later and the Elf was a success!  This year our 3 year old was all about our Elf on a Shelf, Christopher Popikins.  My husband and I both found the original Elf on a Shelf a bit too creepy.  Whilst he makes for really cool vintage looking pictures and is a lot smaller than this guy we just couldn’t do it.

Our elf was up to all kinds of antics this year.  Mom did pretty good with only forgetting to move him a couple days.  We got creative with the story line and our oldest seemed to buy it. :-)

elf on a shelf ideas 1. Making a marshmallow snowman  2. Up late partying with the Angel  3. TP-ing the tree  4. Zip-lining Spiderman style  5. Tea Party with the gang  6. Dying our milk his favorite color, blue  7. Creating a masterpiece  8. Taking in a good read  9. (forgot to get a picture)  The Angel got back at him and his his rocker in the tree  10. The sickies hit our household and it was only a matter of time  11. Ice gold-fishing  12. Wasting my ink  13. Leaving notice in our school area  14. Playing reindeer games and leaving more graffiti  15. switched out the stockings for undies  16. Trying to blend in  17. Swinging from the lamp shades  18.  Zip-lining to safety  19. Still stuck up high in the kitchen window  21. Got stuck checking for some goodies in the bread box  23.  Stuck again, this time he ate all the fudge (#fallguy)  24.  Fourth Wise Man bringing rubies  25. Freshening up a bit  26.  Scaling the window on his last day here

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